Update on Church Closure

Dear friends,

You have probably received the public message from Governor Hogan regarding school closures and asking all Maryland residents to exercise caution and wisdom at this time. Following his statement, under the direction of our preschool director, Ms. Kim Wissman, and our preschool board and board chair, Ms. Jan Lee, we have closed our preschool in alignment with those requested dates.

Also following the governor’s statement, our bishop, Bishop Easterling, made a request that all Maryland UMC churches close for two weeks. Her statement is at the end of this note.

The safety and welfare of all of our beloved church family is always a top priority. In keeping with their bishop’s request, we will close the church building for two weeks, planning on being back in worship together on Sunday, March 29. I will be hard at work to make sure we have an alternative form of worship planned and will let you all know how to access that so we can spend time in worship together. We will also be sure the building is appropriately sanitized before we reopen.

I have heard from our lay leader, Ms. Lisa Dolce. Her prayerful hopes are that we will work together right now to ensure all our beloved members have what they need to get by. This is the time to make a phone call or send a text to one another asking how we can help. Lisa is willing to do what she can to meet any unmet needs. She can be reached at Lisa@LisaDolce.com. 

It is a privilege to be with you in these unusual days. God loves you and knows all your needs. I love you, as well. All will be well.

Please let me know if you need anything at all.

Yours for the journey,

Pastor Alice