2020 Easter Dedications

The Campbell Family in honor of:
Hospital staff, first responders and essential workers

Pastor Alice Ford in honor of:
The dedicated staff and leadership of Glenelg UMC

Betsy & Roy Ford in honor of:
Health care workers

Brian & Jenny Henderson in honor of:
Our loved ones

Jan and Craig Lee in honor of:
Alice Ford for leading GUMC through the pandemic

Jean & Win Riley in honor of:
All health care heroes and all essential workers

Kim Sullivan in honor of:
Shirley Meighan

Dick & Carol Williamson in honor of:
Our children and grandchildren

Ann and David Wood in honor of:
Our children and grandchildren
Medical personnel and first responders fighting COVID-19
Farmers, agricultural personnel and food processing operations
Truckers, grocery and pharmacy personnel



Laura and Terry Burns-Heffner in memory of:
Rev. James Burns
Tim Heffner

Brian & Cassie Felch in memory of:
Jordan Felch
Richard Felch

Betsy & Roy Ford in memory of:
Elmira Seibert
Murat Seibert
Rosella Ford
Herbert Ford

Megan and Maddie Kirkpatrick in memory of:

Arnold and Vicky Lawing in memory of:
Drew Lawing,
Bill McBrayer
Gene Brannock
Bobby Williams
Ed Gladstone
Wendell Backus
Allan Bandel
Nell Lawing
Mecie Williams
Annie Ward
Hazel Williams
Marie Chadwick
Mary Ward
Ruth Gladstone
Ruby Braswell
Peggy McBrayer

Jan & Craig Lee in memory of:
Dorothy Stubig
Maynard Stubig
Joanne Stubig

Marilyn Mengel in memory of:
Robert Mengel

Chuck & Ruth Anne Niemi & Family in memory of:
Christopher Kelley
Lauren Stotlar

Jerry and Marilyn Rogers in memory of:
Our parents

Leslie and Natalie Romine in memory of:
Richard Romine
Durrell Moore

Sandy Speace in memory of:
Will Speace
Dan Speace

Rob & Carol Sturgess in memory of:
Our parents
Sue Warbutton
Ceil Eagen

Kim Sullivan in memory of:
Herbert Sullivan
Mary Jane Sullivan
Wilhelmina Oldfield

Janet, Doug, Steven & Cindy West in memory of:
Jeffrey A. West

Dick & Carol Williamson in memory of:
Joseph Obriot
Lena Obriot
Richard Williamson
Mona Williamson

Ann and David Wood in memory of:
Our parents


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