Letter from our Treasurer and Financial Secretary Apr 23

Dear Friends,

We live in challenging times. We have all heard that obvious statement of late. Yet we know these challenging times come with Faith and hope and the promise for better days ahead. Days when we can meet face-to-face for fellowship after worship (without the use of Zoom!). Days when we can share a Summer dinner with loved-ones (even with those with whom we are not quarantining!).  It will likely be some time before we can enjoy those things we took for granted not long ago, but they will happen again.  Our sacrifices of isolation and social distancing are what we do for the greater good, to safeguard the health of older and/or vulnerable friends. Perhaps one of the best expressions of Love we can show in these challenging times.

All of GUMC’s committees led by Finance are currently engaged in discussions of possible changes in budget levels should that become necessary later this year.  This is due to a drop off in offerings that could continue for some time. We commit to maintaining the church’s important programs as funding permits and will keep you informed of any changes.

We once again encourage everyone who has not been financially impacted by the pandemic to give consistently at your normal levels. We continue to pay our outstanding staff who have done a fantastic job of adapting to the changing circumstances and providing meaningful ways for us to connect and worship. Committees continue to function and are finding inventive ways to serve those in need. The work of our church is needed more than ever, and we need your financial support to empower that work. Please click Online Giving for the easiest and most secure way to give.

Peace and Blessings,

Don Cornwell                                                 Bruce Benner, Jr.

Treasurer                                                        Financial Secretary

A Letter from our Treasurer and Financial Secretary

Dear Friends,

We want to update you on the financial status of our church during these challenging times.  As some of you may know, we have applied for a loan/grant through the recently passed federal Payroll Protection Program (PPP) to maintain the payroll for the church staff and preschool school teachers.  The purpose of this loan/grant is to continue the positive impact of Glenelg United Methodist Church (GUMC) for our local community and region.  We will continue to contribute toward our conference mission share, some of which will be distributed by the United Methodist Church to congregations and other causes in-need due to the coronavirus.  Under the conditions of the PPP, if the loan is used for payment of staff payroll and the church’s mortgage, as is our commitment, the loan will be forgiven. 

Another challenge was also recently presented to our church. Last week, there was an attempted but unsuccessful breach of the church’s mailbox which rendered it unusable.  For the time being, we are having GUMC’s mail forwarded, so you can still mail your contributions directly to the church by sending your check with your offering envelope to the address below:

Glenelg UMC
13900 Burntwoods Road
Glenelg, MD 21737.
We also encourage our congregation to consider giving on-line, following the instructions below:
 To give electronically;
  1. Click here for VANCO’s secure website. (VANCO is recommended by the General Conference of the United Methodist Church)
  2. Enter your contribution amount in General Operating, fill out Donation Frequency (One Time, Weekly, Monthly), and Fill Out Donation Start Date.   You do not have to create a profile unless you want to.  Hit the Continue button.
  3. Follow the prompts to enter credit card information (or bank account) and authorize.
  4. You can set up recurring weekly or monthly giving (which simplifies giving) and can be stopped at any time. 
  5. This charges your credit card (or bank account), initiates a deposit directly into the church bank account, and updates your giving record.
  6. You also have the option of using your bank’s billpay service, for which the bank will mail a check to the church. 
The Life of the church continues as there are online prayer, bible study, and worship opportunities noted on the church’s homepage.  As difficult as these times are for all of us, God is in control and as Pastor Alice has stated many times, All is Well.  God knows our concerns and abides with us to encourage and comfort us.  We pray for your health and safety and look forward to seeing you soon.

Peace and Blessings,
Don Cornwell                                                             Bruce Benner, Jr.
Treasurer                                                                   Financial Secretary

2020 Easter Dedications

The Campbell Family in honor of:
Hospital staff, first responders and essential workers

Pastor Alice Ford in honor of:
The dedicated staff and leadership of Glenelg UMC

Betsy & Roy Ford in honor of:
Health care workers

Brian & Jenny Henderson in honor of:
Our loved ones

Jan and Craig Lee in honor of:
Alice Ford for leading GUMC through the pandemic

Jean & Win Riley in honor of:
All health care heroes and all essential workers

Kim Sullivan in honor of:
Shirley Meighan

Dick & Carol Williamson in honor of:
Our children and grandchildren

Ann and David Wood in honor of:
Our children and grandchildren
Medical personnel and first responders fighting COVID-19
Farmers, agricultural personnel and food processing operations
Truckers, grocery and pharmacy personnel



Laura and Terry Burns-Heffner in memory of:
Rev. James Burns
Tim Heffner

Brian & Cassie Felch in memory of:
Jordan Felch
Richard Felch

Betsy & Roy Ford in memory of:
Elmira Seibert
Murat Seibert
Rosella Ford
Herbert Ford

Megan and Maddie Kirkpatrick in memory of:

Arnold and Vicky Lawing in memory of:
Drew Lawing,
Bill McBrayer
Gene Brannock
Bobby Williams
Ed Gladstone
Wendell Backus
Allan Bandel
Nell Lawing
Mecie Williams
Annie Ward
Hazel Williams
Marie Chadwick
Mary Ward
Ruth Gladstone
Ruby Braswell
Peggy McBrayer

Jan & Craig Lee in memory of:
Dorothy Stubig
Maynard Stubig
Joanne Stubig

Marilyn Mengel in memory of:
Robert Mengel

Chuck & Ruth Anne Niemi & Family in memory of:
Christopher Kelley
Lauren Stotlar

Jerry and Marilyn Rogers in memory of:
Our parents

Leslie and Natalie Romine in memory of:
Richard Romine
Durrell Moore

Sandy Speace in memory of:
Will Speace
Dan Speace

Rob & Carol Sturgess in memory of:
Our parents
Sue Warbutton
Ceil Eagen

Kim Sullivan in memory of:
Herbert Sullivan
Mary Jane Sullivan
Wilhelmina Oldfield

Janet, Doug, Steven & Cindy West in memory of:
Jeffrey A. West

Dick & Carol Williamson in memory of:
Joseph Obriot
Lena Obriot
Richard Williamson
Mona Williamson

Ann and David Wood in memory of:
Our parents


New Adult Bible Study begins Sunday, Apr 19

“Revival, Faith as Wesley Lived It,” by Adam Hamilton
The next adult Bible study will begin on Sunday, 4/19, at 6:30 pm.  The study will be held on-line using Zoom.  We just completed a study using Zoom and it went very well, so please join us!  The next six-week study will be “Revival, Faith as Wesley Lived It,” by Adam Hamilton. 
Description below:
If you’ve taken a class using Adam Hamilton’s The Journey or The Way, you know how his DVD sessions seem part travelogue—part history lesson—a lot Bible study. In Revival, he once again uses his captivating, storytelling talent to take you on a six-week journey through England tracing the life of John Wesley. Wesley’s message and his faith continue to speak to twenty-first-century Christians, calling for a revival of our hearts and souls so that our world might be changed. His story is our story. It’s our heritage, it defines our faith, and it challenges us to rediscover our spiritual passion.
The study guide currently appears to be unavailable from Amazon, but is available from Cokesbury with free shipping, but don’t expect one-day delivery, so order soon. If you are interested in participating, please email Craig Lee (craig_and_jan@verizon.net) so you can be added to the Zoom invitation.

Holy Week Services

The Zoom password is our zip code

Every Evening
8:00 pm Daily Evening Prayer 
By phone 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 597 603 176

Tuesday, April 7
9:00 pm Worship Online
Reprise of Sunday’s Service

Wednesday, April 8
6:30 pm Journey to the Cross 
By phone 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 224 633 8569
This is usually an experiential journey that we gather at the church and all the supplies are provided. This can be a very impactful experience. You can participate with or without gathering your own supplies. If you wish to join in the full experience gather as many of the items listed below as you are able to have in your space when you join the zoom call. (See below for a list of supplies. It is NOT NECESSARY TO HAVE SUPPLIES to join the journey to the cross experience.)

Thursday, April 9
7:00 pm Maundy Thursday Service 
By phone 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 224 633 8569
This is an interactive service. You are invited to bring your family. Everyone is asked to please have bread and juice (or whatever you might have handy) and a bowl (or pan) of water along with towels and lotion.

Friday, April 10
7:00 pm Good Friday Service 

Worship Bulletin for Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Saturday, April 11
7:00 pm Easter Vigil Service 

Easter Sunday, April 12
9:00 am Coffee Together 
By phone 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 224 633 8569

Worship Bulletin for Easter Sunday April 12

2020 Easter Dedications

9:30 am Worship Service 

Suggested items for Journey to the Cross:

Lit Candle
Rock (one that you can hold in your hand – representing your sin)
3 Silver Coins 
Bowl with water or Hand sanitizer and Towel
Sheet of Paper (white if possible)
Red:  Crayon/Paint/Marker/Pen
Nail & Hammer (just as a visual)… not necessary 

Easter Dedications

Extended through Thursday, April 9

Easter Dedication Form 

Even though we are separated physically, we can still feel together the spirit of Lent and the Easter season. Many around us are suffering financially due to the pandemic we face, so the need for our food pantry is stronger than ever. To that end, we are continuing our tradition of Easter dedications that are used to support the food pantry and those it serves with Walmart gift cards.
This is your opportunity to remember or honor loved ones at Easter by
purchasing $10 gift cards to be distributed by our Food Pantry Committee. 
The list of donors and those being memorialized or honored will be
included in the church bulletin on Easter Sunday.

Sunday Worship Palm Sunday April 5

Links for gathering, worship, and studies for April 5th:

9:00am Coffee Together

9:30 am Sunday Online Worship 

10:15 am GUMC Kids Webinar 

GUMC Kids Chat (following Orange) 

11:00 am Sunday Morning Bible Study 

11:30 Youth Sunday School

6:00 pm Sunday Evening Youth Group 1 

6:30 pm Sunday Evening Youth Group 2

6:30 pm Sunday Evening Adult Bible Study 

8:30 pm Ella’s Small Group

8:00 pm Daily Evening Prayer 

           you are also welcome to dial in to the daily evening prayer by phone if you prefer. Please call +16468769923 and use meeting ID: 193 595 926

Holy Week Services

Holy Week Services

Palm Sunday, April 5
9:00 am Coffee Together via Zoom
9:30 am Worship Service via Church Online

Wednesday, April 8
6:30 pm Journey to the Cross via Zoom

Thursday, April 9
7:00 pm Maundy Thursday Service via Zoom
This is an interactive service. You are invited to bring your family. Everyone is asked to please have bread and juice (or whatever you might have handy) and a bowl (or pan) of water along with towels and lotion.

Friday, April 10
7:00 pm Good Friday Service via Church Online 

Saturday, April 11
7:00 pm Easter Vigil Service via Church Online

Easter Sunday, April 12
9:00 am Coffee Together via Zoom
9:30 am Worship Service via Church Online


All Zoom meetings and services may be accessed by phone as well as computer.
If you are dialing into a Zoom meeting, call 1-646-876-9923. You will be asked for a meeting ID, please always double check the website to make sure you have the correct meeting ID for the meeting or service you are dialing into. The meeting ID for Holy Week Services via Zoom is 224 633 8569.

You may access any of the above services by clicking on the link in blue or by going to https://zoom.us/j/2246338569 for Zoom meetings and http://glenelgumc.churchonline.org for any church online services