Beware Advent Crowding

I wouldn’t share this in broad circles — but, y’all, my Christmas decorations are up. Shhhh….

I know the bold audacity of that statement is lost on our 21st century sensibilities, but my seminary professors (a couple of them, in particular, oh my) were deadly serious about not crowding out Advent with Christmas. Understandably so. Much in the same way that Santa Claus beats out Jesus in the children’s popularity contest every Christmas morning, Christmas beats out Advent all season long. We prefer the red and green decorations, the silver and gold, the Joy To The World over the somber tones of anticipation and heart-work preparation of Advent.

In my defense, there was that extra Sunday this year between Thanksgiving and Advent. It just made sense to use the time well. You understand, don’t you?

However, let’s say it together: it is Advent, not yet Christmas. The Messiah was born; he has not yet returned. It is a season for prophets and truth-tellers. Our souls require that we leave room in our lives for them to speak, or we will, indeed, not be prepared when the Messiah comes.

Our sermons for Advent will focus on the gnarly and difficult prophets of old, for they told of the coming King the first time. They would demand our attention again as the foretell the return of the King.

As we continue in this season of Stewardship and generous commitment to God, you all have thus far returned 56 pledge cards equating to a total of $218,000 in pledged giving. Twenty-five of those pledges are increased from last year for a total of $27,000 extra giving. If you have not yet turned in a pledge card, please consider doing so. It is a gift to share in a season that looks for our hearts and lives and checkbooks to be ready

And, as a reminder:
The holidays are here!! Will you consider inviting your friends, family and neighbors to be part of a loving faith community during a time that can be immensely lonely for some?

Love in Christ,
Pastor Alice
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