Mashed Potatoes

It is one of my many privileges to get to meet with our GUMC Preschool children in chapel services once a month. This was the week they came. Obviously, the focus of the moment is on Thanksgiving and how we give thanks and for what we give thanks. The children, as always, are fabulous teachers in their innocent answers.

“For what do you give thanks, children?” I ask with intent and serious pastoral care.

“Mashed potatoes!” is the first shouted answer.
“Roller Coasters!” shouts another.
“My baby sister…” “My dog…” “My family…”

As the children thought deeply and provided their grateful answers, I was moved by their sharing and thought to myself, “I think *this* is what I am thankful for…” – the gift of sharing, in and of itself.

The journey through life would be lonely and meaningless without the ability to share with others; many others; a diverse group of others; others that make us think, or laugh, or cry. We share the journey in many ways, but one of the more special and unusual ways we share the journey is through our church community. This is a place that is built on and through the sharing of the people. No wonder this is such a wonderful church with such a wonderful preschool! … because of your sharing.

You are people who share boldly and abundantly. I am always proud to serve as your pastor, but particularly during this season of stewardship and pledging as you bring your commitments of first fruits to God’s kingdom. So far this year, 46 pledge cards have been returned for a total of $165,000 in pledged giving. Twenty-one of those pledges are increased from last year for a total of $25,000 extra giving.

That’s a lot of mashed potatoes!!

If you have not yet turned in a pledge card, please consider doing so. It is a gift to share, to give and to receive.

This year as we bow our heads and give thanks for all that God has given to us, let us be mindful of how we express our deepest gratitude to God.

And, as a reminder:
The holidays are here!! Will you consider inviting your friends, family and neighbors to be part of a loving faith community during a time that can be immensely lonely for some?
Love in Christ,
Pastor Alice
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