2021 Easter Dedications

Even though we are separated physically, we can still feel together the sacrificial spirit of Lent by loving our neighbors. Many around us are suffering financially due to the pandemic we face, so the need for our Food Pantry and our Lake Elkhorn Middle School ministry is stronger than ever. To that end, we are continuing our tradition of Easter dedications that are used to support those ministries and the people they serve with gift cards. The last date for GUMC to receive the dedication form is Sunday, March 28th.

You have three options for transmitting the form and the money:

  1. Print out the form found HERE, fill in the information including those you are honoring or remembering, and mail (or drop off) the form and the check made out to “GUMC”.  Each dedication (gift card) is $10. You may purchase any quantity of gift cards.
  2. Fill out the form online HERE.  Gale will collect those entries. Separately mail the check to Craig Lee at the address above.  This option is preferred especially if you wait to the last minute to do your dedications so we have time to get the list of those you are honoring into the Easter bulletin.
  3. Use VANCO from the Online Giving tab to pay. Enter the amount in the Food Ministries line item. Fill out the dedication form online or mail a hard copy to Craig.