Glenelg UMC Phased Reopening Plan

Your leadership team has been hard at work developing a reopening plan to be prepared for when the State of Maryland moves to Phase 1 and beyond. The graphic below summarizes the plan as it currently exists, with phase 0 being our current phase, phase 1-3 matching the State phases, and phase 4 being the “back to normal” phase when a vaccine becomes available. GUMC will error on the side of caution in all phases to minimize the risk to our multi-generational congregation. Considerable planning is underway for phases 1 and 2.  Phase 1 requires a considerable technology investment to provide outdoor service and live-streaming to those that are unable to attend.  Phase 2 requires an investment in very difficult to obtain sanitization supplies, which may be the gating item for starting phase 2.  Phase 3 is only a concept at this point since it is well out in time and much could change before we get there.  We are all anxious to re-unite, but it will be done thoughtfully and carefully.  More details on phase 1 will follow in the near future. 

You may view the plan here:  Glenelg UMC Phased Reopening Plan Summary