Outreach Opportunities

[Updated September 10]

For a printable shopping list, click: 2020 GUMC Donation Item Shopping List

Drive & Drop Mondays –

ANOTHER Time Change: Noon to 6:30

Location Change: Back of church – far LEFT door!

Hey All!,

We have another time change!  Due to our amazing GUMC Preschool, we need to delay the start of D&D Monday. The bins will be put out at 1PM so the kids and parents have plenty of time to get home.

Thank you for continuing to help our needy families!  Your dedication in this long time of need speaks volumes to Helping One Another. 
You are a blessing to this world.

 In Thanks, Peace and Hope, Jackie Benner and the Outreach Committee

Victims of the vicious storms desperately need UMCOR Clean Up Buckets.

This week we are focusing on these items for the buckets.

Each items is SIZE SPECIFIC to pack into the bucket as part of the kit.

  • 32-64 oz. bottle liquid laundry detergent
  • 16-34 oz. bottle dish soap
  • 16-40 oz. bottle liquid concentrate household cleaner (No spray cleaners)
  • 4-8 oz. pump spray air freshener
  • 6-14 oz. pump spray insect repellent (pack of 10-20 wipes also acceptable) Pump spray bottles must have protective covers
  • scrub brush (With or without handle)
  • 6-50 clothespins
  • 50-100 ft. clothesline (cotton or plastic line)
  • Heavy-duty trash bags (33-45-gallon sizes) 

Grassroots Shelter Meals – Helping Howard’s Homeless

Thanks to everyone who helped get a meal to Grassroots this month. We will send out a signup announcement and link for the October meal around September 19.

Please contact Julie Carnigan or Peggy Koele to get your name on the signup list. (See below)

We welcome volunteers to provide a meal for the Grassroots Homeless Shelter on the first Saturday of every month. If you would like to prepare or purchase a part of the meal, please contact Julie Carignan (carignanjulia@gmail.com) or Peggy Koele (peggykoele@me.com) to be added (or removed) from the Grassroots email distribution list. 

Each month, we send out a link to a Signup Genius about 2 weeks before the meal.  A member of the Grassroots committee will be at GUMC to collect the food on the first Saturday of the month at 10 AM.  Or you can leave the food in the church kitchen during the week. 

Thanks to everyone who provides food to keep this ministry going!

Cards for Our Elders at Encore at Turf Valley

The cards you create are bringing such happiness to the seniors at Encore!  What a miracle it must be to receive a card from a stranger… a stranger who so caringly took the time to make a card to lift the spirits and say, “We are thinking and praying about you.” 

Thank you, everyone!

As always, cards for our Encore seniors could include sayings like this:

“Thinking of you.”
“Keeping you in our prayers.”
Uplifting scripture or quotes.
Original messages.
Please sign the missive
“Prayers and blessings from Glenelg United Methodist Church”

 Drive & Drop Mondays  – Noon to 7:30 PM.

School Supplies for Lake Elkhorn Middle/Cradlerock Elementary Schools Students


When you go to the store and see those Back to School displays, would you pick up some of the following?  Please put them in the Lake Elkhorn bins. 

We are still accepting school supplies for another week.

Goal: 20 of each item

-A jump rope (for PE)
-Crayons (24-pack) (for art)
-Markers (8-pack) (for art)

Supplies for homemade whiteboards:
          -Whiteboard (dry-erase) markers
          -Sheet protectors (5 pack) – 1 pack
          -White cardstock paper

Food Drive for students of Lake Elkhorn Middle School Community

400+ students and families receiving the gift of food each month since schools shut down in March!

Monetary donations are also important!  We cannot obtain everything that is needed via the Maryland Food Bank.  Many items must be purchased independently! 

We are praying for $1000 a month in donations. 

Total Monetary Donations since May 1:  $5,165.00

To quote the Stray Cats, you “Rock This Town”!
Keep on rocking!
You are Everyday Angels!

We are helping feed 400+ hungry souls!

The List of food needs for this week continues with the same items as the last two weeks:

Along with the regularly needed items, we need the following:

Rice, Cereal and Canned Vegetables

-PEANUT BUTTER and **JELLY**  (In great Need! the food bank cannot provide for us).
-Mac n Cheese packages
-Snack Items such as:
-Individual bags of gold fish,
-pudding or Jell-O cups.

(Item list can be found on the donation shopping list above.)

Click the Online Giving link above and select Food Ministries to donate toward this cause.  

Any questions contact Lisa Dolce @410-375-1928

GUMC Connect

Need help?  Write a note on the Facebook GUMC Fellowship page!

Or, email Jackie Benner at bennerjbem@aol.com

Got Mask?

Do you need a mask?

The GUMC UMW is here to help out. The UMW is prepared to sew up to 60 masks to offer in exchange for free-will online donations to the GUMC food pantry. Need a mask, send your request to GUMCwomen@gmail.com, and we will get you set up!

Are you a seamstress and willing to help sew?

          * Kernan Hospital is currently treating and rehabilitating COVID patients. They are accepting mask donations and are willing to provide fabric bundles. If you are interested in helping Kernan Hospital, reach out to Jean Riley 

          * UMW would love your help sewing too! Just let us know. GUMCwomen@gmail.com