Letter from our Treasurer and Financial Secretary Apr 23

Dear Friends,

We live in challenging times. We have all heard that obvious statement of late. Yet we know these challenging times come with Faith and hope and the promise for better days ahead. Days when we can meet face-to-face for fellowship after worship (without the use of Zoom!). Days when we can share a Summer dinner with loved-ones (even with those with whom we are not quarantining!).  It will likely be some time before we can enjoy those things we took for granted not long ago, but they will happen again.  Our sacrifices of isolation and social distancing are what we do for the greater good, to safeguard the health of older and/or vulnerable friends. Perhaps one of the best expressions of Love we can show in these challenging times.

All of GUMC’s committees led by Finance are currently engaged in discussions of possible changes in budget levels should that become necessary later this year.  This is due to a drop off in offerings that could continue for some time. We commit to maintaining the church’s important programs as funding permits and will keep you informed of any changes.

We once again encourage everyone who has not been financially impacted by the pandemic to give consistently at your normal levels. We continue to pay our outstanding staff who have done a fantastic job of adapting to the changing circumstances and providing meaningful ways for us to connect and worship. Committees continue to function and are finding inventive ways to serve those in need. The work of our church is needed more than ever, and we need your financial support to empower that work. Please click Online Giving for the easiest and most secure way to give.

Peace and Blessings,

Don Cornwell                                                 Bruce Benner, Jr.

Treasurer                                                        Financial Secretary

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