Introduction to Rev. Dr. Cecil Gray

A Note From Rev. Dr. Cecil Gray
Good Afternoon, SPRC Chair Thrasher and all other SPRC Ministry Members:

Praying you all are well, healthy and safe. Thank you for the opportunity to share. I am Pastor Cecil C. Gray, BA, MDiv, PhD, an ordained elder with thirty-four (34) years of service within The United Methodist Church. My pastoral journey began when I was twenty-six years young, at a new church in State College, PA, four blocks from the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University. I have served as pastor of congregations in Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania, and within the BaltimoreWashington Conference. As a child and adolescent, I grew up and lived in various places within the United States and overseas. I attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY (direct appointment); The University of Virginia (BA), Charlottesville, Virginia; the Global Academy/ICA (international pedagogical skills), Chicago, Illinois; Wesley Theological Seminary (MDiv), Washington, DC; and Temple University (PhD), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While earning the PhD, I was drafted into teaching at Temple University and served as Executive Director of The Church and World Institute at Temple University.

As an adult, I have been blessed with learning, preaching, teaching, consulting and serving in various communities and contexts throughout the United States and overseas. I love GOD, attempt to emulate Jesus The Christ, know the peace and power of The Holy Spirit, am curious about life, am a seeker of Truth, and believe All people are precious and deserving of life and life more abundantly.

While serving in Extension Ministry as a full-time university professor in the United States in the 1990s, I was called upon by Bishop Felton May (and Bishop Christopher Jokomo) to design, develop and implement the first Pastors’ School (1997) at Africa University, Old Mutare, Zimbabwe. I also served as Dean of the Pastors’ School and saw that effort continue forward for many years. At the request of then Vice Chancellor, Dr. Murapa, I also edited and refined syllabi and courses at Africa University. Upon invitation, I have also delivered lectures and presentations and have consulted at Christian and secular universities and institutions in the United States/North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

My approach to ministry is to love, listen, learn, serve-and-lead by example, observe, affirm, care and pray . . . and pray more; and to trust GOD to move and manifest healing, wellness, wisdom, growth, victories, joy and peace. Please share with me whatever you all wish to continue, wish to build, and/or wish to accomplish — small or large; and I will give you my best effort to help make it so.

Please call and text – and, if possible, email me — at any hour; and I will respond as quickly as I am able, usually within a few hours.

Looking forward to learning, journeying, serving and growing with you all, in Spirit and in Truth, in the Name and Spirit of Jesus The Christ, The Risen and Resurrected One, Amen.

Thank you. Love and Blessings,
In Christ,
Pastor Gray/Dr. Gray/Pastor Cecil/Cecil