Holy Week Services

The Zoom password is our zip code

Every Evening
8:00 pm Daily Evening Prayer 
By phone 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 597 603 176

Tuesday, April 7
9:00 pm Worship Online
Reprise of Sunday’s Service

Wednesday, April 8
6:30 pm Journey to the Cross 
By phone 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 224 633 8569
This is usually an experiential journey that we gather at the church and all the supplies are provided. This can be a very impactful experience. You can participate with or without gathering your own supplies. If you wish to join in the full experience gather as many of the items listed below as you are able to have in your space when you join the zoom call. (See below for a list of supplies. It is NOT NECESSARY TO HAVE SUPPLIES to join the journey to the cross experience.)

Thursday, April 9
7:00 pm Maundy Thursday Service 
By phone 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 224 633 8569
This is an interactive service. You are invited to bring your family. Everyone is asked to please have bread and juice (or whatever you might have handy) and a bowl (or pan) of water along with towels and lotion.

Friday, April 10
7:00 pm Good Friday Service 

Worship Bulletin for Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Saturday, April 11
7:00 pm Easter Vigil Service 

Easter Sunday, April 12
9:00 am Coffee Together 
By phone 646-876-9923 Meeting ID: 224 633 8569

Worship Bulletin for Easter Sunday April 12

2020 Easter Dedications

9:30 am Worship Service 

Suggested items for Journey to the Cross:

Lit Candle
Rock (one that you can hold in your hand – representing your sin)
3 Silver Coins 
Bowl with water or Hand sanitizer and Towel
Sheet of Paper (white if possible)
Red:  Crayon/Paint/Marker/Pen
Nail & Hammer (just as a visual)… not necessary 

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