Pastor’s Announcement March 29th

My dear Glenelg UMC family,
I write to you today with that unique blend of deep sorrow and yet joyful anticipation of opportunity and new days ahead that often accompanies times of transition. On July 1, I will begin a new season of ministry as the associate pastor of First UMC of Northville, Michigan. My last Sunday in worship with you will be June 3rd. From there, I will work to accomplish a move to a new state, change my license plates (pray that Michigan’s DMV is easier and kinder), find a new grocery store and get John Wesley and Tay settled into a new environment.

These times of pastoral transition are deeply sorrowful and come with some degree of “what will happen next.” Because of this challenging time of pandemic, I know the timing of this announcement is even more difficult to receive. I also know there is no “good or easy” time to part ways with those you love, as I have come to love you.

In spite of the inability to be together face to face, we will find times and ways to process through our final months together and to pray for God’s will to continue to be deeply found at GUMC. You are a congregation to whom much has been given and entrusted. May you continue to live into that with strength and courage, and a love for all people who find their way to you.
Yours for the journey,
Pastor Alice

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